Brexit… and the Bible

We’ve seen some pretty astonishing events unfold in the House Of Commons of late and I can’t think of anyone who writes more helpfully on public matters than Matthew Roberts, Minister of Trinity Church York. I really couldn’t do better – his latest blog entry is here.

In other news, we’ve had a mixed week of not much sleep and some encouragements. The Lunchtime talks seemed low on numbers this week, but I enjoyed going through Galatians 2:15-21 with them.
Emma has been able to get out to a few more things at church, which has been better for everyone…

Met with a church member in London Bridge yesterday for lunch, such a crazy place. Just next to Borough Market.

I’m planning on starting a course at Adult Sunday School to try and excite newer Christians and folk who think it’s all bit too above their heads. Based in the book Dig Deeper by Andrew Sach and Nigel Beynon.

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Chris Roberts

Associate Minister at the Ealing International Presbyterian Church, married to Emma, with two kids.

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