Sunday 24th Feb.

I was really grateful to those who looked after Gabriel in creche at church. I could hear the last of Ian Hamilton’s sermons from his two week stint with us. He preached on John 8:1-11 on the mercy of God and the satanic harshness of the Pharisees. He was in Psalm 44 in the evening.

Day Two

We’re pretty shattered after broken sleep most of the night, but grateful for how well Kit is doing. We had Emma’s brother, Ben over with Catherine and their three kids. It felt pretty cramped in a our little lounge, but having them around really boosted morale. Gabriel loved it.

I’ll take Gabriel to church tomorrow while Emma stays with Kit and my mum. I’m looking forward to being back after a couple of weeks.


10 days ago, Kit George Ambrose was born, but wasn’t able to come home with our oldest having Chicken Pox. Today is the first day we’ve been together properly as a family. Emma and Kit have been staying at Lesley Barnes’ place, which we’re really grateful for. Gabriel has been really good about the whole thing. My mum was around which has been a joy and a great help.

Emma battles on with feeding and not sleeping. Seeing her doing what she’s doing, honestly is humbling. She’s doing really well, although she doesn’t think it.

We’re praying for some sleep tonight.


People who know me might be surprised I’m doing this. I avoid social media (letting my wife filter the nonsense and tell me the important stuff) and have a “dumb” phone. But after reading a couple of entries from seasoned bloggers who are also pastors, I think it might be a good idea.

I’m probably going to write some thoughts, stuff I want to remember for later and use it to reflect on the day and record stuff… that’s about it.

Let’s see what it’s all about.